Monday, 9 May 2011


All photos are by the beautiful and talented Miz Shannon Rolfe
"Taking photographs of you kids on Saturday Nights"

Shannon Rolfe is a Media Arts student slash photographer who shoots for Snap Star.
The quote above is part of her info on her Facebook page and when I read it, I kinda giggled because that description is so spot on! Miss Rolfe is usually seen taking photos at Flow Bar, Agenda, Coyotes, Axcess, Altitude and Gravity, 3204, and Monkey Feather during Thursdays and Saturday nights. More of her beautiful work and contact details can be viewed on her website.

Once again the weekend was well spent. Except for Friday morning when Steph and I woke up feeling completely shit. Ended up having some nachos at The Bank (Love. .  but probably not the best idea after a wild night) before heading to work. Felt sick but recovered miraculously halfway through work.

Saturday night was spent catching up with our mate Lucie who just got back from vacationing in Asia! We went around the clubs but mostly stayed at Flow, where Next Level Battle Mode: HCITY DNB/DUBSTEP vs JAG was happening.

I remember us being excited for this when we saw the event page. It sounded so promising! True enough, it was just what we expected it to be - good music, the best mix of local Dj's, and a roaring crowd! The set up was cool too, with 2 turntables faced against each other on stage, and enough room in the middle where a few people can dance. 

Looking forward to another great weekend this week. From what I know, it will go off the hook! Steph is sick at the moment, but let's all send our love to her so she can recover quickly and have the best time with us this weekend. Okay. Time to focus on school work now. Eeeeehhh, got an essay due this week that I better start. What can I say? I put the PRO in PROcrastination!


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