Sunday, 24 July 2011

Hat The!

Photos from last Saturday night at MANATEE presents: Hat The headlined by Willapede, Staylo, and Piece over at Flow. We've been to a manatee hosted party before and boy, was it epic! The last one was set up as a House party and we were pretty impressed at how Gravity was decorated. Yes, that included board games, cards, couches, a table, mum's favourite vase, and alcohol served in red paper cups just like in the movies! So when we got the event invite for the next manatee party, we were pretty stoked!

For Hat The, the theme was. . . yup, you guessed it, HATS! Or rather, crazy hats! It was good to see that most of the people had hats on and as usual, the djs were off the hook! I had my sheep hat on (I attempted to wear it as a fanny pack too!) and one of the bouncers at the door was like, "You have something on your head! It's trying to attack you! Wait, wait, I got it!". It was pretty funny!

We haven't partied that hard since Soundscape! Lol. It was awesome to see a couple of familiar faces from my class and it was even more awesome to hear that they had a good night at Flow, especially for the first timers!

Definitely looking forward to the next manatee party!

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  1. This looks like an awesome night! ;) I love the Native American/peace sign shirt in the first photo and of course, the hats. ;)