Monday, 18 July 2011

Soundscape. Soundscape. Soundscape.

You know you had a good night if you don't have much photos to show for it but instead, have all the memories locked in your head! Didn't bring my camera since I wanted to go hard on the dance floor at Soundscape. I had my little camera with me, and the second photo you see there is just an example of my mad photography skillz. I know, I know. I'm so pro at this! Hah.

Soundscape was amazing. Possibly one of the best gigs I've ever been to in my year and a half life in New Zealand so far! Despite the very cold weather (I officially hate Winter), the event was still packed and pumping! I remember Steph and I looking at the crowd and thinking "Where the hell did all these people come from?". I know that there were quite a few people from Auckland who came to the event!

The acts were incredible and I loved "zone hopping" around the different rooms. There were so many acts to see and only one me so moving around a bit was a must! As always, the crowd goes wild whenever Diaz, Willapede, Staylo, Tronik Djs, and Piece are on stage. These guys sure do know how to pull a crows! The last hour of Soundscape was definitely epic thanks to them. So here's an open letter to the brilliant minds behind Soundscape, James Lawless and Greg Stack:

Dear James and Greg,

Thank you for being born a day apart and thank you for throwing joint birthday parties that eventually led to this! We love your work and big props for making Hamilton such a better place! Also thanks to the whole Soundscape team for an amazing,amazing night!


The cool kids

I felt like death the next day at work (Gotta love retail) but it was so worth it so I'm not complaining! Tomorrow is my day off and now I'm just catching up with the blogging world and reading my favourite blogs while eating Reese's peanut butter cups that I have been craving for since the last month. Lol. Snuggling up in bed blogging about a good weekend tops my get happy list!


The ride also looked awesome but I'm too much of a sissy to actually go. Maybe on the next Soundscape, I'd finally grow some balls!

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  1. I love your header! It's absolutely awesome. I think I may just go and buy some peanut butter cups now. ;)