Thursday, 18 August 2011

Auckland + Hamilton

Over the weekend all the girls took a road trip up to the city in Auckland to celebrate Anglelas 22nd birthday. 
We ate cupcakes and partied hard until we could not party any longer, which to be honest wasn't that long haha. Although Auckland clubs are bigger, I prefer Hamilton. Walking the distances to clubs and then up hills can really kill the mood. To be fair we were all in heels and possibly started drinking up a bit to early, but hey it was definitely still a good night out. We took a few snaps, had fits of laughter and most of all caught up with some good company. 

- Steph

While all the girls went to live it up in Auckland, I was stuck in Hamilton with alone with no girlies, and no plans on a Saturday night. The house was empty too and I was fully ready to spend the night listening to Adele. Plan was to have a quiet night with a book and a nice long sleep but somehow I ended up having a mashed melon milkshake at Momotea before having the grandest time raging at flow! So much for doing nothing.

- Jess

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