Sunday, 16 October 2011

Raise your glass

I never win anything ever so imagine my surprise when I found out I won two tickets to State of Mind at Flow. As Steph has mentioned in the previous entry, plan was to stay home and have a nice homecooked meal and just chill. I even went on a crazy baking equipment shopping spree and had a serious drive to bake but that's another blog entry!

So anyway, after stuffing ourselves with so yummy food, off we went to get ready for the night. I had nothing to wear (It was one of those days) and found this vintage Mickey Mouse shirt lying around. Random decision to wear the floral crown and I think it puts the outfit together and makes it look less sloppy.

Not even gonna lie but. . . I don't think I've ever drunk that much in my entire life! Thank you bar tab! I don't even know if I used it all up. Hah. To everyone whom I have seen/talked to/interacted with during my intoxicated state, consider this as an apology! Hope everyone had a good weekend xx


I don't really follow rugby but we're backing Black!

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