Wednesday, 9 November 2011


So we were all excited for Big day out and even had a whole week off planned for my bday to go. Turns out Big day out cant live up to what they say and have let down alot of people to put it nicely. Time for plan B! There are quite afew good shows coming up but one that I am super excited about has to be INCUBUS. Me and Jess have been big fans since way back in our high school days, they defiantly bring back alot of good memories and how good looking is brandon! Such a good way to celebrate my 21st :)

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  1. actually Incbus is definitely complete from A-Z, this guys gives us a lot of good music to enjoy and their styles of creating their piece is just like amazing.. knowing that sir Brandon Boyd is an artist of his kind, thanks for featuring Incubus on your page