Monday, 21 November 2011

Something Real

So after two weeks of weekends spent at home doing assignments, WTCK was back in town with a bang! How epic was Something Real last Saturday? Real epic, actually!

Sunday night debrief after town was a tangled mess of laughing fits and stuffing our faces with food. It was that night when I confessed that I actually bullshitted my way to "Otherside" by Red Hot Chili Peppers. We were at flow and Dj Bones was playing this epic set and there I was, slurring the words and singing (screaming) at the top of my lungs like I knew the words to the song. I didn't. And, when I tried to sing it to the girlfriends last night, I failed miserably. So Steph tried singing it for me but then she ended up making the same noises that I did when I tried singing it.

Another highlight of the night was during Piece and Willapede's set. They included Foster the People in the mix and therefore, might have possibly just made our lives complete. Steph recently purchased Foster the People's album "Torches" and the album has been on repeat since. It's what got me through the lack of sleep and mountain of Tech work last week! Of course, it's always a good night when Diaz is MC-ing. Piece + Willapede + Foster the People + Diaz closing the night.

How is it possible to not have a good night with that equation?

Jess xo


Also woke up this morning and to find this posted on our Facebook page!! Not even gonna lie. I had a mean little rage to this when I got up. Best start to the week ever! Shot Will :)

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