Saturday, 24 December 2011

Holiday Fevah

Even though one of us dislikes Christmas and all the festiveness that comes with it (guess who), that didn't stop us from celebrating Hanukkah with the wonderful Mandy of Fevah FM last Thursday. It was a night filled with such fun times, a dreidel, yummy food, new friends, and of course good music. To be honest, good music was to be expected as we were at the Fevah FM headquarters and while we were partying, they were also live on air. We might've even helped push a few random buttons. Dj Cool Kids. We're getting big, folks. Lol. The celebration was so good that even the grinch (coughstephcough) had a good time and didn't mind the beautiful Christmas tree at the party!

Happy Holidays, cool kids! Hope it's a memorable and safe one this year =)

xx Steph and Jess aka WTCK

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