Saturday, 21 January 2012

Fun Fridays

This week just keeps getting better and better. As from our previous post, it's Steph's 21st so this week has been full of epic times. We got badly burnt from our Waihi trip last Wednesday, but we managed to make it out on Thursday night. We figured it's nothing a few swigs of alcohol won't fix, right? Friday was spent hungover, tired, and a little bit sick. Despite the sunburn and hangover, we made it out for The Good Fun w/ The Beggars Way over at Static last night. 
We were probably a bit too early for the gig so we wandered around town, shared a kebab (yuuuum), and raged it out in The Hood to pass time.  True story. 
So anyway.. how awesome was The Good Fun? I've seen them once very briefly because we got there they were playing their last song, so I was excited to finally catch them in full swing. It was the band's first gig in 2012 after a very successful 2011 (a fact that was reiterated by lead vocalist Leroy Clampitt a few times during the night), and boy did these guys start the year with a bang!
I loved everything about the gig: the crowd, the commentary from the band, and of course the music. Steph and I were pretty tempted to touch them while performing, to be honest, but then we remembered we were on official business and so we must be professional. Ha. 
Their songs were catchy, danceable, and overall just gives off a "good fun" vibe. I heard these guys make sounds like no band has ever had (Krasnjeckov) and in fact, loved it so much I got myself a copy of their EP Sharing via iTunes this morning. 
Last night wasn't just filled with good fun, but with the best fun.

The Good Fun is composed of Leroy Clampitt (lead vocals/guitar), Jimi Mataio (drums/backing vocals), Fraser Macdonald (bass guitar), and Kam Chadderton (guitar/backing vocals). You can get their EP from iTunes and connect with the band through their Facebook page.

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