Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Semi Charmed Life

So what have we been up to?

Last Friday we ended up just coming out for The Good Fun|The Leers|Young Lyre at Void. I wanted to take more photos, but man the heat was insane. Dear Void, I love you and all, but please you gotta do something about your ventilation! Anyway, I therefore conclude that The Good Fun is amazing as always but watching them live is so much better if you know the lyrics to their songs!

Saturday was one of our mates 21st. We crashed his party last year so now it is our yearly tradition to show up to his bday party. Happy birthday David!:) Afterwards we hit The Road to Soundscape over at Agenda and gave out flyers for the event we're looking forward to the most - Soundscape! We wanted to give them out cos it seemed fun (And I said I'd do anything for money. LOL) and we got to talk to a lot of random people. Some were nice, some were just downright rude. Guess that retail experience comes in handy when dealing with people after all. 

And finally. . . the overrated Valentine's Day.  As you can tell from my diary, I've had it on my hate list for months now. I spent the day at work and couldn't be bothered at all but then we decided to at least have some alcohol and celebrate it the way single girls do. We watched A lot like love, which is one of our favourite romantic movies ever, and then watched Serendipity too. Of course, the night wouldn't be complete without food (look at the crapload of chicken nuggets that we had) and some vodka to wash it down with. Before we knew it, the day was over and we have officially survived this years Valentine's.

And oh, last photo is the little treat I got myself today. Can someone please ban me from walking into stores already?

Hope everyone had a great Valentines! Let's spread the love all year round x

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