Friday, 9 March 2012

WTCK's guide to Soundscape

One more sleep until Soundscape and we couldn't be more excited! Since it's basically one of the biggest events to hit this small town of ours, we here at WTCK thought we should put a little guide for all you cool kids out there to cover the basics.

Part One: Fashion

There is no dress code for Soundscape so if you wanna wear jandals, do it. If you wanna wear a costume and get crazy, do it. Or, you could also read on and get some ideas. .

Stuck on a wardrobe rut? Course related costs isn't enough for O-week? Chances are, all you need are already in your wardrobe. Be creative, mix and match, and don't hesitate to be different. Styling is also a big must. You'll be amazed at how much a difference tucking your top in or cinching the waist of your dress can make. Lastly, be yourself. We all have our hits and misses when it comes to fashion and if you do wake up the next morning and realise that you don't like how you looked, then no worries. The important thing is, is that you tried, you had fun, and you did something new. 

So here are some of the things to remember that we think can help when you come up with your outfit: 

- Satchels to keep both hands free (especially when you're fist pumping! lol)
- High waisted shorts with crochet detail from Misaki Boutique. Crochet + denim = Festival chic
- No time to do your hair? These Wolf Cub floral headpiece is just the perfect accessorthrow on
- Boots are made for music festivals! They're functional and stylish, but won't give you sore feet. You won't need to worry about being stepped on (and we all know how much that hurts) either
- Stack on some bracelets to accentuate the wristband you'll most likely be wearing the whole night
- A pretty crop top would look good with highwaisted shorts, skirts, and even pants
- Nothing screams "rave" better than bright coloured shorts and studs like these ones from Dirty Rat

FUN FACT OF THE DAY: Soundscape was originally meant to be a rave. Now it has evolved into a 8 zone street party!

- Feathers are all the rage right now. To avoid being OTT, rock it in small doses like this necklace here
- A pretty vintage dress to throw on is also a must! Just remember to wear the right underwear with it (you don't want to be flashing everyone). This baby from Jeanswest has sleeves that's good for when it's chilly

This one is for the bois. We know, we know. You all are afraid to try something different when it comes to fashion and even worse, afraid to be called the G word based on your choices. But lads, there really is more to life than plaids and checks. No, we're not expecting every guy to suddenly be into florals and polka dots (We can only hope), but in keeping with "The March Challenge" that we are doing, we encourage you to try something different. Aside from the blatant floral shirt in the photo, here are some basics for you:

- A beanie to keep your head warm
- Baseball shirts are just about everywhere right now. There's surely some that would suit your price range. 
- Good ol' Chucks. Or your trusty sneakers.
- Button up shirt. Preferably not in plaid/checkered, but if you must. . . (Remember boys, wearing stripes won't make you look "gay". There's a whole lot of prints out there waiting to be found)
- Slim chinos. Roll it up for an added "oomph" to your look
-Skinny jeans or slim straights are always a classic
- Caps are a good alternative to a beanie. Plus chicks dig it when you let them wear your cap. 
- A denim shirt is a good basic to have. Throw it over chinos and you're halfway there

Part Two: Set Times and Map

Make sure you have your tickets as door sales will be priced at $60. You can still get tickets from Texas Radio and The set times and maps are all on the Soundscape website or if you've got a flyer, it would aslo be handy to look over it beforehand. You don't want to be running around trying to find the stage where Kora is performing, right? You can find the complete line up, set times, and map here.

Part Three: Final Note

So you've got your outfit ready, you know where to go, and you are amped for an unforgettable night! Before we let you go, here are a few more tips for you guys. 

- Come on early. Last July sold out to 4000 people. Imagine at least half of that lining up at 12. No wonder there's a line! 
- The weather is pretty unpredictable. Keep a light jacket handy to keep you warm (I'm contemplating on bringing a cute raincoat/anorak in case it rains!)
- Lock in is at 3am so be sure to be in the vicinity come 3 or you will not be allowed back in
- Book your taxi ride home, or at least keep a cab number handy. Getting a taxi on some nights is hard as it is. What more during a big event like that? You'll be fighting heaps more people off for a cab.
- Drink responsibly. Do you really want to get kicked out before you can even get in?
- At least try and be in the right frame of mind, and come with an open mind too. You may or may not know all the artists. You may or may not know any of the music in there. Maybe you only came because your friends said it was cool. Whatever the reason is, try and enjoy the music even if it isn't your thing. 
- Don't just stay in one place. There are 8 different zones there for a reason. Explore, walk around, go on the ride. 
- And last but not the least, remember that it's only as good as what you make it to be. Again, that's coming with an open mind and in good spirits. Have fun, rock out, and rage hard. We know we'll be!

See you all tonight! Love,

With The Cool Kids


If you see us out, come say hi!:)

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