Monday, 7 May 2012

Summervines: Part 2

We had such a fantastic weekend and were lucky enough to make it to Summervines at Vilagrads. We stocked up on a few bubbles of wine only the summer flavour as we thought it was appropriate for the occasion. After meet up with the beautiful Mandy at the Fevah fm studio and took a a few cute pics before heading off. As usual it was an amazing night with such good music by the best Djs! Not only does the vilagrads have a gorgeous set up of lights and a warm fire outside but if we were even hungry in between all the raging the grapes were quite delish too. More photos were taken by Aaron and Shannon on snapstar. Check them out here.

On another note we've just made it 100 posts! Thanks to all our readers and don't forget to like our fb page for latest updates here.

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