Friday, 6 July 2012


Today was all kinds of wonderful. 

1. Sun was shining
2. Sitting under said sun with magazines and a good cup of coffee
3. Polka dot pants that was part of a 6 items for $2 deal from a local opshop that goes well with my trusty old docs

Is it wrong to admit that Bangarang by Skirllex makes me ridiculously happy? You have no idea how much I love it until you see me raging my heart out on the dance floor. Really awesome set last night, Bones and Bevan. Had a pretty cool shout out too with Bangarang being dedicated to me. Life made.

This weekend we're checking out the new club opening and maybe hearing some more Bangarang. Wow, I've said Bangarang four times now. Clearly obsessed. Have a good weekend! x

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