Friday, 21 September 2012

Hello Sunshine

What I Wore Today
Thrifted cardigan, Glassons bag and dress, nana sandals, Odd beanie made by Isaac

I feel like all I've done this week is eat. Seriously! First holidays I'm actually getting to relax so I've been catching up with friends hence all the eating done these past few days.

Today was spent with the beautiful Denee (you might recognise her as the face of our Facebook page). Went to get my buntings from Alice & Anne, did some other errands, enjoyed the sunshine and had the best burger ever. Lunch was made even better by the most babe'n of babes serving us.

Outfit for the day is probably one of my favourites to wear especially on my days off. In love with the bag as it is the perfect size for all my stuff. Also can you tell that I've been wearing this beanie everywhere? I just love it!

Here's to hoping the weather stays beautiful the whole weekend! Have a good one x

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