Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Highs and Lows


- Finally finding a pair of overalls I have wanted for aages. 
- WORKAHOLICS. This honestly makes my week, nothing better than crashing in bed to watch workaholic episodes. Best stuff ever.  
- MORRISSEY COMING TO NZ! <- This I cannot wait for!!!!

Lows : 
- Having the shittest phone ever that is now IMPOSSIBLE to text from. 
- Having work at 6am in the morning. Ew.
- Having to spend money on lame things like a warrant. 


- MORRISSEY COMING TO NZ!! Got to be the best birthday present ever especially since we have been watching some videos of his live performances and talked about how we have to see him live!!
- Catching shoplifters stealing from the store I work at
- More red in my hair
- A pretty rad weekend

- Missing my friends band's performance :(
- Shoplifters in general
- The hassle of moving houses


  1. Me and Andrew are going to Morrissey too!! CANNOT WAIT!! It's been long overdue! We are going to drive up, if you want to carpool, we are going to hang out with Sam before hand but he isn't going to the show because he is too pretty.

    1. Oh my gosh yes keen! There's quite a few people going too. I seriously cannot wait!! And I agree, Sam is pretty!xo