Friday, 28 September 2012

life lately in pictures

Oh how life has been so much better since I bought my new phone and I have never been more addicted to instagram. If you feel the desire to follow me my usernames ftib.

 Just a few pictures and update of life lately...
One. Peppermint, my bike, is still in progress I've repainted her a bright mint green thinking it was so unique turned up at the hipster100 and mint green had to be the most popular colour on everyones bike!
Two. Officially bought Morrissey tickets for the concert at Vector Arena in December.
Three. In love with my constant op shop finds like the shoes above.
Four. Finally found time to start drawing again, although finding time to finish it seems to be the bigger problem.

If your out and about tonight I suggest heading on down to Static, one of my favourite Hamilton bands is playing. Check out the deets here.

Have a pretty weekend :)

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