Thursday, 30 May 2013


Conspiracy theories, thought provoking, and get stuck in your head. Yes, it is possible to combine all these into a song. Osiris is the latest collaboration between Hamilton rappers Winston Anthony and Bobby Wahab. The title is homahe to Wahab’s Egyptian roots, and much like its namesake, Osiris has some dark underlying themes to it in a sense that it talks about what is wrong in the society that we live in.

We caught up with Winston Anthony briefly and here’s what he had to say about the track. “The conspiracy theories that Bobby speaks of, basically the song is our take on the dark side of the world which people usually ignore in the hopes that it will disappear when in reality, nothing disappears until you acknowledge it and make an active attempt at making right any wrongs in your life.”

“Basically, Osiris is a song which says you have one life so stop allowing the negatives to hinder your progress in life and just live it,” It’s hard to ignore the message of the song when it is as profound as it is catchy, “Osiris is coming, that’s a given. But whether or not you enjoy your life is up to you”.

Catch Winston Anthony and Bobby Wahab in Wellington this Friday with a bunch of other amazing artists from 10 pm onwards at Sandwiches. What a way to end New Zealand Music Month with a bang.

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