Thursday, 28 April 2011

Sweet Dreams

So what is there to do on a Wednesday? 

A lot. It may not seem like it, but on a Wednesday, you can work, circle the mall about 3 times, drive to another mall 30 minutes before the closing time, meet your blogging idol, buy a scratchie and be one letter away from the jackpot, show up to a party early as, drive around to pass the time, crave sweets, walk around, ask a bar/club if they do hot chocolates (lol) and discover a new place. 

Victoria St Bistro is located at, yup, you guessed it - Victoria St! I've noticed it before because of the cozy vibe it gave off and tonight Steph and I randomly went in. What started out as a simple craving for hot chocolate ended up as an unforgettable night full of dreams and possibilites. 

I loved the interiors and the lighting, plus the service was good! The staff was smiley and very friendly. We ended up ordering desserts (A chocolate fudge sundae for Steph and a Bombe Alaska for me!) and although it took a while for it to come, I didn't really mind because we had the best conversation while waiting. The dessert was sooooo good too and it definitely made my sweet tooth happy! I'd love to come back here with the fambam and try what else is on the menu! 

More info about Victoria St Bistro here.

Also while walking along, we found this on one of the walls. . .

Fuck Yeah! featuring Reservoir Dogs is on tonight at Flow Bar! For set times and other info about tonight's gig, click here. See you then, guys!

Jess <3

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