Sunday, 1 May 2011

Music is all I need

I'm not even going to lie. . . this weekend has been sooo epic it was almost worth showing up for work tired as fuck and completely out of it!

Started the night with work. Lol. Did the late night shift and off we went to Void for Cheap Thrills. It was pretty good although we were way late. We got there just before The Good Fun started to play and it was my first time to catch them live and before that I've only heard about them vaguely (I'm bad when it comes to NZ bands, forgive me) but it was definitely "good fun" to hear them play! Shot to the people I was with mainly Steph, David, and Dilwin!

What an epic night. Fuck Yeah! was incredible, as always. Thursday nights are always amazing at Flow, although I didn't get a sticker for the night. Sadface. Haha. Shot to everyone who played!

Thursday was girls night too and although Steph and I missed dinner because of work, it was still good to be out with them girlies! What a night. We ended up at Maccas but by the time we got there, it was already closed and so the drive thru was the only thing open. So we kinda um.. drove through without a car and stayed outside in the freezing cold and had a picnic. Random, I know. Good timesssss!

Friday was spent at work (Long shift. Up to now I don't know how I survived. Sorry, Bree!) and then was off to bed early. Steph was dead to the texting world the whole day too! Lol.

Saturday. . . work then off to Auckland! It was the last gig for The Earlybirds in NZ as they are moving to Melbourne and the night was so fantabulously epic! Opening acts were The Aristocrats and Ekko Park. Admittedly, I don't know anything about NZ music and bands because I'm still relatively new to the country, but I do enjoy these gigs. The Aristocrats opened the show and the moment they started playing, it was obvious the night was going to be epic! Ekko Park was next up and they did not disappoint. I enjoyed the set and loved taking photos of them!

Then came The Earlybirds. I only know one song from The Earlybirds (Truth is the only one I know because we were in the music video - although I was cut from the final one!) but there I was, rocking it out as if I was their number one fan. That's how good it was!

Methinks that was a good way to kick start the month. Happy New Zealand Music Month, cool kids!



The "Dub step" photo is off Tumblr and I think it fits the theme of this entry. Musiiiiiiic!

EDIT: Shot to our mate Ashin who moaned the whole time when we were walking. Hahaha. What a good bitch. *insertfistpump*

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