Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Fall For You

What a cold day. It was foggy all morning and although the sun came out a bit in the afternoon, it was still chilly nonetheless.

Cold weather + Snuggly knits and felt hats + Bestfriends + Yummy desserts = A very lovely day!

Finally caught up with each other after a long period of absence! Lol jk, it's only been a week. The day was filled with loads of stories, laughs, inside jokes, toilet trips (Cold weather = The need to pee every 5 minutes), beautiful Fall scenery, gluttony, and discussions of life and career paths.

Funny conversation of the night:

J: . . . at least we don't look like each other even though we're like, bestfriends!

*Looks at our hats and outfits*

S: Well. . .

Hahaha! Tuesday nights are good. . . especially with Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, and then 90210 after! Love <3


Thanks to Renee for making the mint hot chocolate extra special! It was yummmyyyy x

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