Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Make love to. . .

Typical Steph and Jess face when together!

. . . nature? 

Because we are tree hugging, chair humping, ground sitting cool kids, hence, the title. 

And yes, that's Steph and Jess together in one photo. Finally! Woohoo. Today we had a mini photoshoot for Dilwin and David's projects respectively. Dilwin shot Steph for his magazine and then took photos of David as well. 

While I (Jess), was a bystander slash distraction that I had to go inside the house and shut up so people can actually do the task. Hahaha! Fun times. Maccas mish in the afternoon too! The lady at Maccas was so sweet and nice. I just wanted to hug her!

Random fun facts of the day:

1. "Screaming Infidelities" by Dashboard Confessional is actually about a dog according to Dilwin. Yeah, I know right. The fuuuuuck? But it kinda makes sense, I guess. Lol.

2. There are a lot of similarities between "bananas and parties", "crocodiles and love", and "dragons and bubbles". I learned a lot from class today. For example, love and crocodiles can both catch you by surprise. I think that's legit. Awesome thinking by my equally awesome classmates. 

3. It's the first day of Winter (Nobody told me this, seeing as I am without pants. Oh, DEER!). And this blog is a month old!

That is all.

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