Tuesday, 17 May 2011

OUR HOUSE in the middle of the street

If you hadn't heard already, Hamilton hosted quite an epic 'Our House' on the weekend. So we probably rocked up a tad early, keen to start the night that no one was around yet, but all good that meant we could take a few snaps first.

Overall such a good night! I loved it, besides the one or two people who had to try and ruin it for me. . . *cough cough* random douche who tried to steal the mic when CWMD were playing, who we had to convince to leave before we got security. What was up with that?

Also the best WTF moment when CWMD ended ther set in style with a sudden hault and casual walk off stage, leaving everyone completly confused.

Fave sets of the night were Bulletproof, Mayavanya, CWMD and Tronik DJs.
Bulletproof is the man, so no suprise his set was epic too and I just have to say I'm so jealous of Mayavanya. I mean how hot are these Croatians! Love their vibe, been listening to them non stop lately.

Also side note: Mayavanya will be playing at the Stables Bar and Grill in Cambridge on the 3rd of June for Pinch and a Punch! Excited much. More info here.

Damian and Sam from Computers Want Me Dead were probably the most awaited. We managed to steal a spot right up the front when these guys were playing. Loved the fans singing along to the songs they knew of and although I couldnt quite hear I'm preetty sure Sam agreed to my marriage proposal so we'll see what happens there :p

Best way to end the night was definately the outdoor tent with Tronik Djs (James and Greg) and Diaz on the mic. It fully went off and was so much fun we even kept the party going till after 3.

So Soundscape July anyone?

Ps. I really have two essays to write this week argh, but why worry about that when there's so much blogging to be done! Hope you guys had an epic weekend too :)

Steph x

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