Saturday, 14 May 2011

Somewhere in the world tonight everything's alright

Source: One.  Two. Three.  Four. Five.  The rest are taken by me :)

This week was crazy. I had a presentation last Monday (I think it went well!) and then had another major assessment due on Wednesday so being the procrastinator that I am, it was a week where sleep was limited. To be fair, I'd like to believe my best ideas come when I'm under pressure. Or maybe that's just me trying to justify my bad habit!

Thursday was mum's birthday. The fam bam and I went to The Helm for dinner followed by dessert at Iguana. My shout, of course! I work hard and I want my family to benefit from that too. Tried to convince mum to come clubbing with us girls but she didn't want to. Even told her she'd get a free drink because it was her birthday :P

Oh and by the way, photos are just a random mix of things I find pretty and somewhat relevant. I haven't slept in in ages and this is my first Saturday not working in a while, outfit post with a hat, CAKE. I miss cooking and baking and I'm inspired to do it more often even if I'm busy! Pretty picture with a nice quote, coffee and fashion, the notebook I got from Factorie which contains some doodles Steph and I did for this blog, pizzaaaa, a photo of Steph, a photo of Steph and Dan just before we went out last Thursday.

Tonight is going to be off the hook with Our House! Can't wait to have an epic night in the company of the best djs, cool kids, good friends, and Computers Want Me Dead + Bulletproof! Time to get ready now.


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