Monday, 2 May 2011

So long, Farewell

Johnny Barker with his band, The Aristocrats

I love road trips, especially to attend a farewell show of one of my favourite NZ bands, The Earlybirds located at Juice Bar on Saturday night as Jess mentioned. It was our first time in Parnell, the fairy lights on the trees hooked me in straight away so a trip back has definitely been noted.

I finally made my way to the chocolate boutique which we labelled as 'the department store' of all chocolates and one place I'll be coming back too is the Yellow Brick Road boutique. We had a sneak peak through the windows, they have the cutest dresses I swear. Ive always wanted to check it out since it was featured in Frankie.

Anyways - back to the gig, the night kicked off with one of Johnny Barker's band The Aristrocrats. It was a good start with the catchy little tunes and the piano rift. There new single 'Dust' is out now, while their album 'Cue Playback' comes out on the 25th of May. Ekko Park followed them led by front man Joe Walsh whom we managed to have a quick chat too. The band definitely pumped up the rock vibe setting the scene for the rest of the night, leaving Juice Bar with Ekko Park flyers scattered everywhere. Their new single 'Let the Games Begin' is out today.

For the birds final show I have to say overall set was AMAZING! They really went all out for this one and I loved the new songs too. There was a bit of everything you could expect from an rock gig, the moshing, smashed glass all over ground, the sweat, even blood - and who can forget the epic crowdsurf. One reason I love this band is the interaction with the crowd. It's hard not to get into the music with these guys constantly keeping you on edge. Towards the end of the night everyone was singing along to the words - by this time nobody gives a fuck if they look stupid raging in the crowd.

Heres a clip from the night, The Earlybirds singing 'The one we need'

Also nice to spot Bronwyn Turei from go girls and a possible Frankie Adams from shortie enjoying the music. Such a great start to NZ music month 2011!

So farewell guys, youve definately made NZ music proud, all the best for the future!


steph <3

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