Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Fight fires in your best clothes. Eat sweets with your sweet tooth.

So entry title is from Ellie Goulding's "I'll hold my breath", but the "Eat sweets with your sweet tooth" line was by me. Lol.

I think I've said this before but. . . I really do love Tuesdays! And today was exceptionally good. For one, it was my last lecture for one of my papers so no more 8 am classes! Yay! Then I had maccas with my mum after class. Afterwards, we window shopped for a bit and then went home. I had the meanest nap/sleep. 3 hours of afternoon slumber yo! 

Woke up and crossed some stuff off my to do list for the day. Forced myself to do some Uni work and Facebooked at the same time. 

And then. . . went out for dessert! Aaaaahhh. I have been craving fo sweets and decent coffee (no offense, mum) for the last couple of days and tonight was the night I satisfied my sweet tooth! I reckon Iguana has one of the best desserts in town and Tuesdays are my favourite days because they are half priced! Oh yeah. I usually get the crispy fried banana split but the chocolate cake was calling my name so I gave in! Jassher had the warm rhubarb tart with extra extra ice cream! Oh, he also had the raspberry coke which tasted more raspberry than coke but good nonetheless. 

I missed Grey's Anatomy (Not Private Practice though, yay!) but it was so worth it because I cracked up so much and we talked about the most random things tonight. 

Oh, and notice I don't have any photos? It's all food and Jassher's face. Hahaha. See how stoked he is to be photographed :) Photoboothed with my little brother instead. He's now out of the hospital and is as hyper and annoying as ever but that's okay because I'd rather have him active and annoying than lying in a hospital bed sick. 

What a good day. Shot Jassher!

The weekend has a couple of big things lined up for Htown, but that's another blog entry! Haha. Have a good week, you cool kids! xx



So Steph texted me and said that MayaVanya did a shout out to us tonight! So gutted I missed it, but yay! Shot you guys, you rocked during "Our House", and last Friday at Cambridge was just as amazing! 

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