Monday, 6 June 2011

Pinch and a Punch ft Mayavanya

On Friday night we mished it to Cambridge for Pinch and Punch ft Mayavanya. Such a good start to the weekend and of the month really. Unfortunately we had to bail a bit early from cotillion practice to get there, sorry Chelle promise we'll be early next time!

Ive mentioned how awesome they are before when Mayavanya played at 'our house' Hamilton and they definately delivered again at Cambridge. Plus equally awesome sets from Dj Claudiga, Mobility Scooter and Bones. To be honest I don't quite remember the whole night haha, but that just goes to show how epic it was. What I do know for sure is that its hella scary sitting on the edge of a water feature when your half gone!

So its fair to say that the good crowd and good music = fun times in Cambridge.
Btw sorry for the spam texts and fb messages but 3am is always the best time to crave for mcds and we were on a mission! - you'll be happy to know that we made it there and back safely (without taking the lol train Fahim - it was full)

I'm also kinda gutted I couldnt make it to the gigs on Saturday night, especially when clap clap riot were playing! Starting to realise that I'm not that invincible and I do need sleep every now and then. This weekend however I know will be exciting so we'll keep you updated on our ventures :)


P.s. Thanks to Dave who sober drove, what a good bitch!

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