Saturday, 24 September 2011

Cheers to the fricken weekend

Us cool kids have been living on the motto, 'you only live once' for the last couple of weeks now. So last night after a long day at work we thought what the hell lets go out on a friday night. Turns out friday nights are not bad at all. We most definitely did not expect it to be as epic as we thought. Suckerpunch at Agenda was off the chain, big ups to Sunburn Kids from Auckland - seriously epic set! We even managed to thrive on a bit of drama for the night which was a fun change (shot Lauren!).
Heres some food for thought, we encourage you all to get out there and do things that you wouldn't normally do or have been putting off lately.
So go to as many gigs as you can on one night - get those arms stamped up. Catch up with old friends. Tell someone you like them. Tell a jerk what you really think. Make that life changing decision. Spend all your money. Feed your face. Go out and explore!
Because for all we know we only live once, everything else can wait.

Have an epic weekend sunshines :)

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