Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Good Vibes

All we really want in life is to get Iguana desserts half priced on a Wednesday. That would be perfect. But oh well, The Wednesday Theory makes up for it anyway and sets the mood for the weekend!

First off.. epic poster. Should be a good night! Plus, these guys have another big gig next weekend! More about it soon :)

Oh yes. A good Friday! Best part is it's free! More money to spend on alcohol! Totally love the poster as well! For us here at WTCK, a fist pump means a good bitch. Maybe we'll share with you guys why someday.

Boy do I need some positivity right now. Well, don't we all? But to be honest, I think I need it more. I told the bouncer at Flow the other night that what gets me through my days is reading Fmylife. Sad aye? You know what's not sad? The description for the Positivity Club event on the Facebook page. Whoever came up with that deserves a raise. Or free drinks. Actually, come find me on Saturday and I'll shout you one for being clever! Hah. 

There we have it, cool kids! Weekend sorted!

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