Friday, 7 October 2011

20 good reasons

Bits and pieces from last night's events. It was the dreaded 20th birthday (Katy Perry you fucking lied to me. You said we'll be young forever. Teenage dream my ass) and a farewell to my young, carefree, and often angsty teenage years. But, if last night was just a preview of what my 20's are going to be like. . . then bring it on!

I had no plans except dinner with the family. All I wanted was to drink, party, and have a good night without drama because those nights seem to be getting rarer and rarer lately. Dinner was very lovely and filling. I was craving for some pad thai and satay so Thai Village it was! The very sexy and awesome Joseph saw me walk in and had a drink sent out for me. Thanks, Joe! It was so good :)

I didn't expect the night to be that good. Thank you to everyone who came and partied, to everyone who left me Facebook messages, and all the cute little texts! Best part of my birthday are not the presents and freebies (although those were good too! Thanks to everyone who spoiled me with free food, goodies, and drinks), but the memories that would last me a lifetime! Thank you Steph for my cupcakes and awesome card! Loves you and your crackwhoreness!

Also props to Shannon Rolfe for capturing those moments! Too good. I am down for a repeat tomorrow night. It is still my birthday weekend, after all! Hell yeah. Bring it on!

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