Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Good decisions.

A wise man once told me to go and be free (Yes, I'm looking at you Daniel Reese) and boy did I take that advice.

A few weeks ago, we mished it out to Auckland for a day of relaxation. It was good to get away from our little town and all it's dramas for a little bit. We went shopping, ate a lot, talked, and just chilled in general. We might've gotten lost a little bit, but that's just part of the adventure!

We had lunch at O'Carolls Freehouse in Vulcan Lane where we had the best onion rings ever! The ribs were yummy as well. The kind that's good even without a lot of sauce. Afterwards, we went to Casette for dessert (Literally just across O'Carolls Freehouse!) and had the affogato that kept us awake throughout the day. 

Probably the best part of the trip, though, was walking aimlessly around the streets of Auckland at night. We had no direction whatsoever, and just let our feet drag us to wherever. It was good to not think about things and just go and explore! Also, shot to the bouncer at Britomart1885 who confessed his undying love for me. Steph and I were looking at their gig schedule and as we were leaving, he said to me "Bye! I love you". I was so tempted to turn around and break down in tears and propose marriage to him. Hah.

On the ride home, we played some old tracks that we haven't heard in ages but still love. Dare you to move by Switchfoot particularly inspired us and made us feel like brand new again. It's like we left all our emotional baggages and hang ups in Auckland. We've got our game back and it's time to rock this small town again!

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