Saturday, 4 February 2012


IN-CU-FRIKEN-BUS. Words cannot explain how AMAZING this show was, just to see Incubus for the first time live was a dream come true. We were so lucky to score one of the front spots, it honestly was the best gig ever. Incubus was formed in 1991 - the year we were born, so definitely was a band we grew up listening too. As quoted from Brandon Boyd, "Incubus may not always be the 'coolest' band around but it just means that the people who do like us are the right people and like us for the right reasons". Thats what I love about this band is that there real, you know they are making music simply because they love it. They don't dress up to impress (although we loved Ben's cat tee) and tie a pretty ribbon around everything but just play it how it is. They honestly are so talented and always so humble. Of course a rock concert would not be the same without a massive mosh pit, we ended up getting a bit pushed and pulled in different directions but it was great to see the fans getting into it. Biggest songs of the night had to be the classics, Drive, Meglomaniac, Wish you were here and Are you in? With everyone belting out the lyrics along with Brandon. Throughout the night there was one guy we could always lean on (quite literally) and when Jose threw out his drum stick we couldn't be more stoked that 'charlie' (renamed) was the lucky guy. I guess this was the closest we kinda got, getting a photo with the guy that got the drum stick that was used and played by the guy in Incubus... Most EPIC night ever, I'm going to wear my Incubus shirt everyday haha.

From the cool kids, WE LOVE YOU INCUBUS your the coolest band ever, cannot wait to see you again soon one day! And a sneaky Happy Birthday soon to Brandon xoxo


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