Friday, 3 February 2012

Teenage Kicks

We've spent the last couple of days in Auckland while watching Incubus (which were AMAZING but you'll have to wait for the next post). During the day we rummaged through vintage op shops along K' road, which are a bit overwhelming at first but the best buy of the day had to be Jess's $20 Doc martins, we must put a photo up soon. We had the best lunch catching up with our friend Mel at a japanese restaurant, Renkon. I would definitely recommend it, the food and tea was delicious at a very reasonable price too. We also couldn't resist a couple of scoops of gelato's afterwards. At night we partied it up at Teenage Kicks at Casette 9. We felt so at home and loved the vibe and old school songs, especially when young folks came on - that was our rager. We even caught up with none other than our buddy Massad and our resident Agenda Dj Bones. It was so good to road trip out to the city but its good to be home and we cannot wait for the upcoming gigs in the next couple of weeks.

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