Saturday, 14 April 2012

Happy Weekend

This week has been pretty jam packed for me.

Ate out WAY too much, although we couldn't quite get a table for $2 Tacos on Tuesday at Amigos we had a decent substitute meal at The Flying Burrito Brothers which were just as yum. However, we are definitely booking at Amigos next time, its just to good a deal to not go.

Caught up with a few friends this week and had such an entertaining night at Skint. Not stop laughs all thanks to Mandy and Art. The weathers been up and down this week too and on Wednesday night it was pouring down! Theres nothing like a good sprint through the rain to the car getting completely soaked.

Also did a bit of 'YOLO-ing' which has its good and bad sides depending on which way you interpret it I guess.

Tonight its off to our friend Sarah's 21st! So should be a good night out, cant wait to celebrate!

Hope you all have a fab weekend ahead but before I finish here are a few weekend links.
  • COACHELLA is now on at the moment and if you couldn't quite make it this year lucky for you they have live streaming! Check it out here
  • Armageddon Expo is also on this weekend. For info check here
  • Lastly, the Chillstreet boys have been working on an Ep which comes out soon. Go check out there sounds here. In the mean while heres a teaser. Enjoy


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