Friday, 13 April 2012

The White Room & Nyne's AW12 Launch Party

A year ago, I was new to the whole taking photos of the events I go to and blogging about them so I never had the chance to write about last year's A/W launch. This time around, I told myself I'll be a good little blogger and do a post as soon as I can. Girl must be really inspired because here I am at 11:45 PM, blogging.

What I loved the most about the launch was the whole "installation" concept that they did. I was expecting a fashion show but instead, they had 3 mini podiums where the models would stand  and then rotate after a few minutes or so. Each podium also had props that the models used. I particularly liked the book prop used. Even the whole place was in theme, and little details like dried flowers and twigs were placed around the store. I may or may not have stepped on the twigs a few times. I know right? At a fashion event too. #foreverclumsy

Visiting The White Room is always such a treat. The clothes are beautiful, the staff is always friendly, and where else can you mingle with the NYNE designers themselves? They're as lovely as their pieces, I tell you. Their latest collection has a lot of greens (as seen in the photo above) teamed with NYNE's signature flowing fabrics.

I didn't get to take outfit photos but Heather, the photographer, did! I'll put it up once I get it. A big congratulations to Monique and the rest of The White Room/NYNE team for yet another successful launch.

x Jess

Photos by Dilwin Santos, Post-processing by Jess Molina

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