Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Highs + Lows

This week we've decided to start a weekly post called highs and lows. If you read Katherine is then you would be familiar with how it goes. Basically we'll write a few highs and lows about our week each. Being hump day and all we thought it would be fitting for Wednesdays. Join along with us if you want, it's actually quite nice to take a moment to appreciate something in your life or something not so good that maybe you can work on for the next week.

So here it goes:


- Static's birthday weekend. Woo! Be there kids!
- Music month. It's no lie I LOVE music, better yet we get to celebrate it this whole month. I love finding so many talented NZ musicians. Loved the sweet melodies from Knights of the Dub Table last night at house. (Related post up soon).
- Being able to see again.

Lows : 
- Missing out on a besties 21st dinner this weekend because of work. Not cool.
- Crap weather. Im definately a Summer person, I've never been too keen on Winter. It's cold and I never know what to wear now. It rains ALL the time. Lame.
- Soon to be homeless. I need a house please.


- Kiwi bandwagon. How epic was last night at House? I think there should be more Tuesday nights like that!
- Pay week. Because being a struggling student is hard.
- My mum's birthday on Saturday. Took the day off from work so I am stoked to FINALLY have a Saturday free!

- Being sick. Had to miss radio today because of being sick :(
- Crap weather. Agree with Steph. It's been raining all day and it makes it even harder to get up for 8 am lectures.
- Haven't had a chance to clean my room. Messiest room ever.

Leave a comment with your own version of Highs + Lows. We would love to check it out! x

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