Monday, 27 August 2012

All you need is love

Last Saturday was the perfect day for a wedding. The sky was clear, it was warm enough to wear light layers, and to wear some pretty clothes. First Dance for Marriage Equality was hosted by LegaliseLove Waikato to celebrate the first reading of the marriage equality bill in parliament. Anyone who supports equality in marriage was welcome to come, and the best part was that everyone was encouraged to come in wedding theme. I went with Steph and Pippa and we rocked our prettiest florals for the occasion.

I especially liked that there was a toast with speeches, cake, people in wedding frocks and suits, and of course music! Dancing to "All you need is love" and seeing everybody smile and having a good time was the best part. Of course Lady Gaga had to be in the playlist too! It was a good way to spend a Saturday. 

I'm straight, born and raised Catholic, but I fully support gay marriage. The way I see it, is that some people spend a lifetime trying to find that love so when you find it, who is to say that it's not right? Who are we to stop people from being together? As cynical as I am about love, I still think that true love is one of the rarest most amazing thing one can have. 

I wrote to the MP's today and I encourage whoever reads this to do the same. Because love comes in all shapes, sizes, and gender, and everyone deserves to be with that someone who makes them feel the best.

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