Friday, 24 August 2012


Mr. Brightside seemed to be the theme for the day. It was our dear friend Lex's birthday (you might recognize her as the girl who sang at the Cool Kids Party) and to celebrate, we spent the day listening to music, hanging out at one of my happy places, op shopping, and just good times in general. 

My outfit for the day is Molly Ringwald circa Sixteen Candles inspired. I watched the movie again last night and just couldn't help myself. Thanks to Steph for taking these outfit shots for me! The skull ring is my favourite buy today which I got for $12 at a local op shop. I am in love.

Plans tonight include finishing The Ice Age (Florence Welch even recommends it!), catching up on some writing, and sleeping early. Big night/day ahead tomorrow so it's best to be rested.

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