Thursday, 9 August 2012

Rings + polish.

All you really need on a gloomy winter days is some bright coloured nail polish to brighten it up. Being surrounded by numerous colours at work I'm always tempted to try out a new one everyday. Jess however does not seem to share the same love of nail polish, she has the idea that it suffocates her nails haha. Theres so many pretty designs to try out also, especially with the bright neon colours coming out. As well as some polish Im dying to find more rings for my little hands. The thing with being super skinny is that I can never find the right sized ring to stay put on my fingers. Oh first world problems...

This weekend we will be celebrating our two good friends Angela and Lichelle's joint birthday. The theme for the night is cowboys and indians. I've already started on a feather head piece and face paint ideas, can't wait to show you all a few photos of our night.


1 comment:

  1. interesting blog. the graduated nailpolish in the last picture looks out of this world amazing. i have really slim fingers too. i keep meaning to have a jeweler custom make my silver and gold rings smaller, but i'm far too lazy for that. and thus all my inherited rings never see the light of day.