Wednesday, 8 August 2012

While I was away from the online world..

discovered that no matter what I do or wear on a night out I still end up looking like a hooker. Hence the decision to embrace it with leopard, lace, and red lipstick 
got a proper internet connection back at home again (lol)
started my drama and performance paper for this semester
was mystery shopped at work and got a whooping 97%
scored myself a pair of original docs in black for cheap and a free grunge as coke shirt from an opshop
worked with some amazing artists like Kimbra, The Black Seeds, Mt Eden, Ruby Frost, and Vandalism. Yes, I was behind the scenes through it all! Bonus points: I was with some pretty amazing people including my bestfriend!
was so exhausted that I fell asleep while eating a pie. Woke up at around 2 am, took another bite out of the pie, and went back to sleep. End result? Waking up disoriented with a half eaten pie in my bed
lost a friend unexpectedly. RIP Pieter. Until we meet again.
officially started writing for Nexus Magazine
also started writing again in general
realised I’ve been doing my radio show for 5 months now
finally grew some lady balls and told a certain guy how I felt about him via the only way I can articulate my thoughts and feelings
YOLO and all that y’know.

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