Sunday, 2 September 2012


Little brother sees photo #1 tagged on Facebook: Mum, she's pulling the fingers in her photo!
Mum: It's okay. She's an adult.

LOL. I look so angry in all my photos. Even my smile looks more of a cocky smirk. I'm normally happy and smiley so what has gotten into me last night? Trying to be fierce to match my badass Odd. shirt? Showing off my skull ring (I named him boner) and trying to be tough? I may have failed miserably on that.

Today has been full of hostility too, though, so maybe something's in the air this weekend? (see my shit list) Shaking it off with an apple pie and some whipped cream. Hopefully my face will be back to normal next week!

Photos by that cool dude Robbie as always.

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